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ISAS 2018-Winter TOPICS
The topics of the symposium (but are not limited to):
A.1. Horticulture and Soil Science
A.2. Computer, Biomedical, Electricity, Electronic and Energy Technologies
A.3. Biology, Physics and Chemistry
A.4. Bioengineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics
A.5. Biosystems, Agricultural Technologies and Modernization
A.6. Marine and Ship Engineering
A.7. Environmental Engineering
A.8. Industrial Engineering
A.9. Food Technology
A.10. Geomatics Engineering
A.11. Aeronautics Technologies
A.12. Interior Design
A.13. Manufacturing Technologies
A.14. Construction Technologies
A.15. Geology and Geophysics Engineering
A.16. Mining Engineering
A.17. Mechanical engineering
A.18. Machinery and Metal Technologies
A.19. Material Science
A.20. Mathematics and Statistics
A.21. Metrology
A.22. Architecture and Urban Planning
A.23. Forest engineering
A.24. Automotive Technologies
A.25. Landscape architecture
A.26. Seafood
A.27. Textile Sciences and Engineering
A.28. Animal Science
B.1. Emergency and Disaster Management
B.2. Actuarial Sciences
B.3. Anthropology
B.4. Printing, Publishing and Redak
B.5. Office Services and Secretariat
B.6. Labor Economics And Industrial Relations
B.7. International Trade
B.8. Educational Administration and Supervision
B.9. Measurement and Evaluation in Education
B.10. Finance-Banking-Insurance
B.11. Gastronomy and culinary arts
B.12. Traditional Turkish Arts
B.13. Entrepreneurship
B.14. Graphic Design, Visual and Fine Arts
B.15. Public Relations and Human Resources Management
B.16. Public administration
B.17. Logistics and Transportation
B.18. Music Education
B.19. Okul Öncesi Eğitimi
B.20. Marketing and Advertising
B.21. Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy
B.22. history of art
B.23. Social Services and Consulting
B.24. Sports Science
B.25. Technology and Design - Textile and Fashion Design
B.26. Tourism
B.27. International relations
B.28. Management and organization
C.1. Nutrition and Dietetics
C.2. Child Development
C.3. Obstetrics
C.4. Pharmacy
C.5. Physical therapy and rehabilitation
C.6. Nursing and Health Services
C.7. Management of health institutions
C.8. Health Management and Social Services
C.9. Medical Services and Techniques