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ISAS 2019 Book Chapter

International book series will be published within the scope of the symposium. Books to be published will consist of 6 books in 2 different languages in 3 different science fields.


  • The book chapters should be sent to symposium.isas@gmail.com.
  • The required payment must be made with the book chapter and the receipt must be sent to the symposium.isas@gmail.com e-mail address.
  • The book chapters should be screened for plagiarism and the similarity rate should not exceed 20%. A similarity report should be submitted with the book chapter.
  • Each section must have a minimum of 15 pages and a maximum of 30 pages according to the format given below.
  • It is important to make sure that the book chapters that will be sent in English are proofreading.
  • Book chapters will be evaluated by the relevant field editors and will be directed to the relevant referee according to the content.
  • The authors of the book chapters accepted after the peer review process will be sent a relevant publication contract and the author will be asked to deliver the wet signed contract.
  • The payment for book chapters which are not eligible to be published after the peer review shall be returned.
  • The symposium participants can publish their papers as a book chapter if they wish. In this case, the abstract will be published in the abstract papers book and the full text will be published as the book section. Participants who send such book sections should pay 85 Euro / 250 TL in addition to the symposium registration fee.
  • In case the participants of the symposium ask for it, they may send another chapter other than the paper. In this case, the book chapter fee is 85 Euro / 250 TL.
  • The book chapter can be sent without joining the symposium. In this case, the book section fee is 120 Euro / 400 TL.

  • Books with a minimum of 10 chapters will be published in June 2019.
  • Book chapter last submitted: 01 May 2019
  • The responsibility of the resources, opinions, findings, results, tables, figures, images and all kinds of content used in the chapters in the books belongs to the authors and the author has the financial and legal responsibility which may be subject to national and international copyright rights.
  • Chapter authors are not paid the royalties.

  • Click to download the book chapter template.

Books Topics
Agriculture, Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics, Automotive, Aeronautics Technologies, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Sciences, Construction Technologies, Electricity-Electronic, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Fisheries Sciences, Food Technology, Forestry, Geology and Geophysics Engineering, Geomatic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Marine Sciences, Material Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Medical Sciences and Pharmacology, Mechanical engineering, Meteorology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Mining, Nanotechnology, Veterinary medicine
Actuarial Sciences, Finance-Banking-Insurance, Printing, Publishing and Redak, Office Services and Secretariat, Labor Economics And Industrial Relations, International Trade, Economics, Financial Economics Accounting, Entrepreneurship, General and Applied Economics, Public Relations and Human Resources Management, Economic Methodology, Communication and Media, Public Administration, Logistics and Transportation, Advertising, Marketing, Management of health institutions, Political Science, Social Services, Local Administration, Management and Organization
Graphic Design, Traditional Turkish Arts, Visual and Plastic Arts, Interior Architecture, Rural/Urban Planning, Architecture, Music and Performing Arts, Landscape Planning, Landscape Design, Technology and Design, Textile and Fashion Design